2016-17 Fee Information

Registration Fee                                           $      75.00
Term Tuition                                                  $ 5,950.00
Supplementary Tuition (ESE, Dual Enroll. APO)         $    595.00
Book Fee                                                       $    275.00
Spring Testing Fee                                        $       45.00*
MasterPlan Installment Fee                           $      75.00*

Uniforms                                                         $   375.00*
Personal Supplies                                           $     75.00*
Parent Service Commitment                           $     59.50 per hr.

Special Arts Classes                                        $    66.00 a mo*
Private Tutoring                                               $    40.00 an hr*
After School Care (3:10- 5:50 PM) 1st child     $  160.00 a mo.
                            2nd child (same household) $    80.00 mo
                            3rd child (same household)  $    40.00 mo

*Fees for some subcontracted Services such as ACH fees, Arts classes, or tutoring are subject to change.
Every student (including those on scholarship) must pay the Registration Fee,  Book & Materials Fee, and the MasterPlan fee by the deadlines indicated on the Confirmation Form.

For the installment pay option (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually; ACH or direct pay) the first installment is due before the first day of attendance.

Fees listed above do not include lunch, costumes, instruments, field trips, club dues, production fees or Special Activities

The Parent Service Commitment Fee is billed at the end of the term after parent’s volunteer hours are documented.

Masters Prep accepts the Step up for Students Scholarship, the John Makay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, and ELC School Readiness funding (for before and after school care).  Advance fees paid out of pocket by scholarship students will only be refunded the end of the term.


3rd – 8th grade students seeking first-time enrollment must take an entrance assessment that includes reading, language arts, and mathematics on the last grade level completed. The student is expected to score 76% or higher on the assessment or submit current standardized test scores in the 70th percentile at least higher.

During the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school terms, the academy will also serve a limited number of advanced students in Kindergarten through Second Grade at the Havana location.

Please contact the Academy Registrar, Ms. Norma Howard at

(850) 727-8627 or mcaaregistrar2@yahoo.com to schedule a tour and/or admissions interview for your child.

Enrollment Process

When you are ready to register, you will be asked to bring the prospective student(s) in for a brief pre-enrollment interview with the Headmaster or the Registrar. All prospective students must submit the following documents:

  • Registration Confirmation Form (with the Registration Fee)
  • ACH Authorization form and processing fee (if you are planning to use the 10-month payment plan)
  • Last Report Card and most recent standardized test scores (New students entering 3rd through 8th grade without test scores will be required to take the Masters Prep Entrance Assessment in reading, language and mathematics
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of child’s Social Security Card
  • Current DOH Form 680 (Immunization Certificate)
  • Current DOH Form # 3040- School Health Exam
  • I.E P. (Individualized Education Plan) for MaKay Scholars          

If the child is accepted for admission, you will receive an Admissions Acceptance letter, official Enrollment Packet, and Student Info Packet with information about mandatory uniforms and supplies. We look forward to serving you and working with you to achieve a world class education for your child. Thanks again for your time and interest.

Parents are required to sign an enrollment contract and commit to be involved in the education process.